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Traversing the world this holiday has never been easier as with JetOptions Private Jets Rental in the US. With so many dazzling adventures to explore, a private jet rental in the USA will get you to your destination in the most convenient, fast, and safe way possible. However, while JetOptions has the best private jet rental in the USA (as well as a premium concierge service), one thing that we can’t help you with is how you prepare for your big holiday trip! Packing and preparing for a private jet rental in the USA when you’re touching down in a wintery landscape requires serious preparation.

Enjoy Winter With a Private Jet Rental in the USA

No matter if you’re visiting Aspen, your family’s winter cabin, or another winter wonderland with your private jet rental in the USA, you have to pack efficiently. You may be a snow pro or thin-skinned, but by optimizing space, you can pack efficiently. Of course, a huge issue when enjoying a winter location with a private jet rental in the USA is that cold weather clothes take up a fair amount of space in your luggage. Puffy jackets and boots are heavy and need to be packed properly to make the most of your space. Packing can be a fun challenge, but you should start compiling a list as early in the game as possible. And luckily, when traveling via a private jet rental in the US, you have more space for your baggage!

Pack for Warmth

A huge game-changer when in cold weather are items that cover your neck, ears, and head. Heat escapes from the head and feet, so a serious hat with sound insulation will keep you warm. A scarf or gaiter made of wool, fleece, or other warm material will be ideal as well. Ear coverage is vital, and earmuffs or similar items will be the difference between being cozy and becoming a human popsicle.

Bring the Right Shoes

The right shoes will make all the difference in cold and snowy landscapes. Boots are key, either the ones that go above the shins or knees or booties. It’s advisable to have a day-wear flat boot that has good tread and is weatherproof. Then you can have one pair of upscale footwear for dressy events or a night on the town. Stick to dark colors for your shoe that won’t show any dirt or wet spots. Many great products on the market can be used to spray a layer of protection on your shoes. The last thing you want is for your pants or socks to get wet. With that being said, you should be wearing long, warm socks. Any items made of cotton are not going to serve any function concerning providing warmth. As far as layering your clothing, start with tank tops/t-shirts on the bottom.

Don’t forget PPE

Depending on local rules and regulations, bringing along a spare mask or hand sanitizer is a good rule of thumb for today. This way, you’ll have protection from a crowded elevator or other unknown situations.

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