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First article is about connectivity and how important it is to today’s business traveler. The days of being out of touch with your office, clients, emails are long gone. Many private aircraft have all the tools you need to have your office in the sky. Next, Corporate Jet Investor tracks new business jet deliveries. Inclement weather created big disruptions last week and it caused over 8,000 flights to be cancelled. We did not have any cancellations but we had quite a bit of de-icing done to our jets. Last is a story about the best ports in the Baltic for super yachts which was recommended by a reader.
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Business jets offer passengers the opportunity to work when they are flying – just try having a confidential conversation on a commercial flight – but passengers increasingly want to connect with others on the ground.

Private jet office meeting

James Hardie, managing director at Rockwell Collins’ ARINCDirect, which provides a range of services to business aircraft, calls this “inflight productivity.”

Hardie says that technology is changing the way that people use business jets. He says business jets used to be about saving time at airports, but now they have become offices in the air. Passengers can send e-mails, make telephone calls from their own smartphones and hold video conferences whilst flying to their next face-to-face meeting. “People talk about this technology as ‘non-essential,’ but you would be surprised how often it grounds an aircraft,” says Hardie.

Private jet connectivity

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The Corporate Jet Investor business jet deliveries tracker is not intended to track the delivery of each and every business jet delivered during the course of 2015.

Instead the intention is to track the more interesting business jet deliveries during the month.

Information on business jet deliveries can come from many different sources. These could include official online registers, company press releases, and ‘plane spotters’ photographs and forums.

We have deliberately chosen not to include any ownership details within the data, as, from experience, this can be a contentious issue. Therefore the final field, country, is simply a record of where the aircraft is registered, rather than which country it is registered in.


As a ‘live’ document, updates could be made at any time. Please refer to the date that appears underneath the table to see when/what changes are made.

23/02/20159H-VCEChallenger 35020540Malta
20/02/20159H-VCFChallenger 35020541Malta
20/02/2015B-KEYGulfstream G650ER6098Hong Kong

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There was hope that calmer weather on Friday would lead to a smooth day for air travel after a week that saw airlines ground at least 1,000 flights for six consecutive days.

Aircraft De-Icing

Now, Friday is inching close to making that seven days in a row.

Friday morning did get off to a relatively good start, but cancellations then spiked Friday afternoon after a new round of wintry weather began to affect Texas, including the busy Dallas/Fort Worth airport.

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From the illuminations of the Auroras Borealis to picturesque fairy-tale villages steeped in snow, the Baltic Sea is home to a plethora of rare wonders to delight and inspire. When planning a summertime holiday, consider chartering a superyacht to take you on an exploration of nature’s finest playground. With sumptuous surroundings out at sea, a stunning sundeck boasting a personal spa, and a crew of finely tuned individuals waiting to show you the delights of the world, a superyacht break is the perfect way to unwind and savor every second. From the icy tip of Norway to the riches of Estonia, here are seven of the most illustrious ports to discover in the Baltic Sea while on charter.

Baltic Super Yacht Charter

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