Private Jet Charter is Sensible & Cost Effective for Business

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When you have a meeting that is critical to the success of your business, you require safety, swiftness, convenience, and punctuality. You and your key team members need to arrive on schedule, prepared for the important meeting and with a minimum of delays.  Although the concept of private air travel may seem like a luxury perk of a Fortune 500 company, the steps to obtain private a aircraft are not involved. Chartering is simple with JetOptions, and it is a sensible and cost efficient use of your business’s valuable resources.

Private jet charter is a great tool for many businesses

Maximize Time with a Corporate Jet Flight

Time is an essential and irreplaceable business resource. Time can be spent haphazardly or utilized effectively. You can spend time driving to a congested commercial airport, parking, shuttling, standing in line, getting frisked by TSA agents, waiting to board and sitting on a runway all even as you’re unable to get any work done. Conversely, you could spend your time productively. Private jet travel offers you the opportunity to spend your time in the air preparing your presentation, finalizing your work and meeting with your clients in a private facility instead of a crowded commercial airport.  We can also provide you with ground transportation to and from your flight center.

Use a Professional Private Jet Charter Company

Establishing a relationship with a private jet charter firm can give your company flexibility that you never imagined. You will have an extensive range of choices such as type and size of aircraft, flexible arrival and departure times tailored to your needs, and a selection of over 5000 private jet airports that are often within minutes of most major business complexes.

Private jet charter gives you scheduling flexibility

Business Aviation on your Schedule

There is a big difference between a commercial airline ticket booked months in advance and private plane charter services. The upfront price of an airline ticket is less; however, when you take into account the number of people traveling, and the loss of time and productivity, chartering a private jet is often more cost-effective. On a commercial flight, the route and times are dictated by the airline. The airline will allow you no flexibility if your corporate passenger is delayed.  In contrast, a private jet charter is scheduled with only a few hours notice in many cases. The pilot and crew will be in the hangar ready to board and take off the moment you and your team arrive, and the doors close.  Should your important meeting run long or finish early, the jet will be ready to depart at your convenience.

Conduct meetings while traveling using private jet charter

Maximize Privacy and Comfort on a Corporate Flight

Commercial flight seating is configured to maximize the number of passengers and without the rider’s comfort in mind. Private jets are designed to allow you and your business team to get work done in an environment similar to your office or boardroom.  Expect outlets for your computers, Wi-Fi, and comfortable workspaces. If rest is needed, you can do so in plush seats that truly recline.

Refreshments and snacks are standard stock. Additional catering can be obtained by a simple request. We can provide items from uncomplicated sandwiches to gourmet meals. You can order anything you’d like to ensure that you arrive at your meeting or home refreshed and satisfied.

Private jet charter is an effective business tool

Private jet charter is an effective business tool

Private jet charter is a useful business tool and it is to your advantage to work with a charter specialist at JetOptions. We represent you and your interests by negotiating on your behalf. We ensure that you are provided with the precise aircraft size and services for your trip.  In addition to finding competitive rates, we manage all the logistics of your journey.

Safety In-Flight

We also ensure that your aircraft is safe through the outside independent rating agencies Wyvern and ARG/US. Additionally, we review safety standards for the charter and make certain that the carrier provides the appropriate insurance.  When flexibility allows, JetOptions can offer you great values when filling empty leg segments. We can also negotiate discounts for repeat charter flights with regular service, and we help to secure the best destination for your arrival to minimize travel time.

Private jet charter is a cost-efficient and time-saving travel option. JetOptions Private Jets and its knowledgeable staff look forward to helping you book your next private aircraft!

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