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Private Charters

Premier Private Charters

JetOptions is a leading provider of private charters across the world. For private charters of all size jets, airliners, turboprops, and helicopters – look no further. We are not a direct or indirect air carrier , but rather, our innovative model unites the top private jet carriers into a comprehensive network. Through our private system, the most luxurious private jets can be yours in less than two hours.

Have you ever had the pleasure of flying via private charters? Would private jet charter rentals take your in-flight experience to the next level? Private jet charters and jet aircraft can make your travel experience, whether for business or pleasure, to remember. We operate in all time zones 24/7, 365 days a year across the country. In addition, our private and business jet service specialists can quote, dispatch, and present a broad range of concierge services for your private charter experience.

Private Charters with Experience and Assurance

Founded in 2000, JetOptions is dedicated to ensuring that each of our unique clients is provided with on-demand private charters at a fair value price. For over 15 years, we have committed to offering jet travelers the lowest rates through our Trip Reconciliation Program. Once a trip through our private charters program has been completed, our experienced team will calculate the costs. For example, if we saved money on fuel costs, flight time, airport fees, and other factors, we would refund you the difference.

While private aircraft charters may seem like something only the extremely wealthy has access to, they have a reasonable cost-benefit balance. Private charters elevate your business trip status and appeal to the aesthetic sense of a travel companion, and they can also make financial sense. JetOptions offers many types of private jets for charter and is one of just a few companies to meet stringent ARGUS and Wyvern registration standards.

Access to Many Private and Public Airports

Additionally, our private plane charters reach over 5,000 private, commercial, municipal, and commercial airports within the United States. Commercial Flights reach just a fraction of that at only 550 airports. When it comes to international charters, we provide long-range luxury aircraft to Europe, Asia, Mexico, and Africa.

Would you believe that in two hours, you could walk onto a jet charter all to yourself? Within minutes of arriving, you could be sipping a glass of chilled champagne in your seat. The experienced flight crews ensure a smooth ride to your destination of choice.

Private charters make an incredible impression whether you are traveling with a significant other to a romantic location or flying a professional acquaintance in for an important meeting.

Private Jets Fly on Your Schedule

With private jet charters, you can reserve a time for your journey that works with your unique schedule and needs. In addition, you will have the luxury of departing without any time-consuming security lines and arrive without the tedious necessity of baggage claim.

Your private charter is exactly that private, and only your pre-selected passengers will join your special trip.

Private charters allow you to visit multiple cities within a day and maximize your time and efficiency. To learn more about JetOptions and private charters, please call us or visit our website.

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