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Use Private Charter Services to Travel With Your Pets


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When using private charter services with JetOptions, you want to get the most out of your flight. You want to travel the country or traverse the world. But no matter where you’re going, you want to share the love with your friends and family, including your furry ones. Having pets is a huge responsibility, and leaving them at home can be tough. Pets are allowed with private charter services, but there are alternatives to pet care while you’re away.

Private Charter Services Provide The Option To Fly With Your Furry Companions

You could have your furry friends pet sat at your home instead of taking them on your trip. For this option, you have someone coming to your home to care for your pet. There are some advantages to this option, including that your pet sitter can receive your mail and packages. In addition, your pets remain in their native environment. Therefore, they won’t have to suffer the stress of being introduced to a kennel setting.

Should you Leave your Pet at Home?

When they stay at home, they can adhere to their routines. For example, if you have dogs, a pet sitter can take them on their regular walks. They can go on the same routes that they’re used to and give them all the individual attention they require. This is one of the great advantages of having a pet sitter—they are there for the single reason of your pets and their needs. In addition, they will provide the pet’s regular food and be better than a kennel attendant to ensure the pets eat exactly what’s intended.

Does your Pet Need Medical Care?

A pet sitter can administer any medicine that the pets regularly take , detect medical issues, and act swiftly. The disadvantage of having a pet sitter while using private charter services is that you must hire someone you trust. Having someone in your home with your valuables requires either knowing someone already, finding an accredited agency, or hiring someone from a vet’s office or similar establishment.

Travel Preparations for you and Fido (or Fifi)

You must provide clear, delineated instructions for whoever will be in your home. It’s important to establish clear expectations while you are away. When you’re using private charter services, be sure to provide emergency phone numbers for you, your family, neighbors, and vets.

Pet Care In-Home or Outside

If your pets are at a kennel, you’ll experience the convenience of an established practice that has a reputation and history. In this case, you don’t have to know someone who’s coming to your private residence. If your pets enjoy the company of other pets, this is a perfect place for them to make new friends. Keep in mind; they will be in a smaller area than they are used to and may endure some stress. Your pets can get sick, as they’re in a highly-populated area, much like how many people get sick after flying on a commercial flight.

Skip the stress and bring the fur babies. Use private charter services and fly with your pets at JetOptions. Call us for your next booking or use our simple quote request form.

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