Pre-owned Business Aircraft Market Continues To Improve

Pre-owned business jet and turboprop inventories continued to subside in February, according to data released today by market information firm JetNet. The stock of used business jets fell to 13.9 percent in February, down 0.4 percentage points from the year-ago period. Business jet sales transactions rose 7.7 percent year-over-year, while at the same time, asking prices rose 3 percent. Average days on the market for a business jet dropped to 346 days, down 82 days from February last year. Meanwhile, turboprop inventory further deflated to 9.4 percent–1.1 percentage points less than a year ago.

Since the stock continues to be less than 10 percent, JetNet reiterated that it is a seller’s market for used turboprops. Days on the market for used turboprops rose by 63 days to 313. However, turboprop sales transactions slipped by 8.7 percent from February 2011 as asking prices climbed 19.1 percent. JetNet noted that inventory of pre-owned turbine helicopters also decreased in February to 6.4 percent, down 0.6 points from a year ago. It added that average asking prices for turbine helicopters rose by 38.7 percent year-over-year.

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