Pilot’s Bill of Rights Passes Through Senate

The Senate unanimously passed the Pilot’s Bill of Rights (S.3268) on Friday, passing it to the House for action in that body. The bipartisan measure requires the FAA to inform pilots why they are being subject to an enforcement action and give them access to investigative reports, ATC recordings and any relevant information for 30 days before the enforcement action can move forward. In addition, the legislation contains provisions that would make the FAA and NTSB appeals process more transparent, including NTSB review of all FAA enforcement actions and the ability for federal district courts to review appeals from the NTSB. Introduced by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the bill also calls on the FAA to implement a notam improvement program to simplify the presentation of notams and make that information more pertinent to a pilot’s specific route. It would also trigger a review by the Government Accountability Office of the FAA’s medical certification process, with emphasis on reducing accusations of records falsification against pilots, and the creation of advisory boards to the FAA composed of representatives from major aviation advocacy associations.

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