An Operational Look At the Gulfstream G450, Honeywell and Gulfstream’s Newest Aircraft

An Operational View of the Gulfstream G450

Third-generation GIV in twilight of career

Charter a Gulfstream G450 through JetOptions.

Charter a Gulfstream G450 through JetOptions

It’s tough to top the G450, now in its tenth year of production, for reliability, tanks-full payload and value. Prices range from $15 million to $32 million, depending upon age and condition. The G450 is one of the few large-cabin aircraft capable of flying eight passengers 4,300 nm at Mach 0.80 and land with 200-nm NBAA IFR reserves. Compared to first- and second-generation GIV models, it has subtle drag reduction improvements, upgraded RR Tay Mk 611-8C turbofans with FADECs and a larger capacity, quieter APU.

An Operational Look At the Gulfstream G450

The G450 retains the basic GIV airframe, but it incorporates the GV’s nose section, automated electrical and pressurization systems, higher aileron boost, and auto anti-ice control systems, among other changes. The 12-in. longer nose makes possible a much-needed stretch in pilot leg room and also a considerably more comfortable jump seat for a third flight deck or cabin crewmember.

Gulfstream also upgraded the aircraft with its signature PlaneView cockpit, featuring four large LCD displays and standard HUD with EVS. PlaneView makes possible paperless chart approval, plus optionally ADS-C for transoceanic operations, CPDLC and synthetic vision, so as an avionics suite it gives away nothing to the newest models.

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Honeywell Technologies Help Gulfstream’s Newest Aircraft Take Flight

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