Olympics aviation traffic traffic is high

It’s finally here! After seven years of intensive planning,   the opening ceremony of the 30th Olympiad got underway in London at nine o’clock Friday the 27th.

At 06:30 am Wednesday, the total General and Business aviation traffic booked for the Olympic period 21st July – 15th   August 2012 at the 40 coordinated airports was approximately 6,300 movements, a spokeswoman for Airport Co-ordination Ltd told JetOptions.

This does not include scheduled or charter movements and ACL expects the total to continue to rise as up until the opening ceremony. ACL notes that bookings are running smoothly and that there is still good availability across the Olympic airports during the period.

*ACL’s role is to ensure that bookings   are genuine and that when flight plans are filed, appropriate slots have also   been cleared. If they have not, appropriate action will be taken – and could   lead to the flight plan being suspended.

The JetOptions team wish you all an enjoyable, trouble-free (and profitable!) Olympic Games.

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