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Private Jet Flights Between New York and Miami

There’s never a bad time to visit New York or Miami. Neither is lacking for fun ways to spend your days and nights, even if you’re traveling for business. That said, taking a private jet between New York and Miami is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable way to make this trip.

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Flight Durations for a Private Jet Between New York and Miami

The amount of time it takes to fly between New York and Miami will depend on the type of jet you take, how many passengers you have, and what the weather is like. However, the table below features estimated times for our private jet charter options using our flight calculator. If you’d like a more precise estimate, feel free to contact us for a quote and schedule.



Estimated Flight Time

VIP Airliners

19 Passengers

2 Hours


30+ Passengers

2 Hours

Heavy Jets, Heavy Cabin Jets

8 – 18 Passengers

3 Hours

Super Mid, Super Midsize Cabin Jets

8 – 9 Passengers

3 Hours

Mid and Midsize Cabin Jets

6 – 8 Passengers

3 Hours

Light and Small Cabin Jets

6 – 7 Passengers

3 Hours

Very Light Jets

4 – 9 Passengers3 Hours
Turbo Props4 – 7 Passengers

4 Hours

Taking a private jet flight from Miami to New York takes about the same amount of time.

Popular Private Jets for NYC to Miami Trips

Depending on how many people you plan to travel with, the following are a few of the private jets in our fleet to take from New York to Miami.

Those are all light jets. If you need more room, these midsize jets are popular choices:

Of course, super-midsize, large jets, and VIP airliners are always an option for larger groups.

Private Jet Airports in New York and Miami

If you’re taking a private jet to New York or Miami, some airports won’t be your first choice for arrival or departure. Fortunately, there are still plenty of options.

New York Airports

As one of the most popular destinations for passengers who prefer private jets, New York City is not lacking for airports. You can take off and land your private jet at Teterboro, or Newark. While these two are in New Jersey, their proximity to the Big Apple and the ease with which people can cross the river to enter the city make TEB the most common choice.

Within New York State, private jets can take off and land at LaGuardia, JFK, White Plains, MacArthur, and many other private and general aviation airports in the surrounding cities.

Miami Airports

Palm Beach and Miami have a multitude of airport choices as well. You can elect to fly into Miami International, Miami Opa Locka, Miami Executive, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale Executive, and HollywoodNorth Perry. Further north you can take off and land from the airports at PBI or Boca Raton. Wherever you choose to travel our experts can get you into your airport and city of your choice.

Taking a Private Jet from NYC to Miami Is Quick and Comfortable

You can’t beat traveling in a private jet if you’re going from New York to Miami (or vice versa). The entire flight is unbelievably fast, but you’ll enjoy every minute of it while surrounded by privacy and luxury in your private jet charterCall JetOptions Private Jets, an A+ Rated ARGUS and Wyvern charter company for your next flight.


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