New Features Announced for Gulfstream G280

New Features announced for Gulfstream G280

Gulfstream announced this week that they have introduced new features in both the cabin and flight deck of their Super-Mid jet, the G280. The company’s goal is to improve the passenger experience, reduce pilot workload, and provide additional safety benefits.

The Gulfstream G280 super-midsize jet is designed to seat up to 10 passengers with its four-club chair configuration. It has a range of up to 3,600 nm and is certified for steep approaches, allowing access to some of the world’s most challenging airports for approaches and departures. Additionally, the G280 has been certified for FAA’s strict Stage 5 noise standards, ensuring the quietest possible flight experience.

G280 New Feature: Plasma Ion Clean Air System

Starting immediately, the cabins will be equipped with a new plasma ionization clean air system. Developed by Gulfstream, this system will work in tandem with the aircraft’s existing 100% fresh-air environment. The new clean air system has undergone laboratory testing and has proven to neutralize pathogens and allergens present in the cabin air, making it safer and healthier for passengers.

Gulfstream Avionics Updates

The new avionic options include various features such as the paperless flight deck planning with dual electronic charts, and the latest upgrade of flight deck V3.6.1 which has added a surface management system. This system alerts pilots to unsafe ground and arrival operations, including possible runway incursions, with sound and visual signals. Additionally, the upgrade provides pilots with access to vertical weather systems and predictive wind shear data to avoid in-flight weather hazards. Further, SiriusXM’s graphical weather with real-time updates has been added to enhance the flight deck’s capabilities.

Gulfstream’s cabin management and entertainment systems are popular among charter passengers. The plane features 19 large oval windows and rear compartment access. Call JetOptions today for more on chartering this Gulfstream Super-Mid Jet.


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