NetJets Europe Sued over French Labor Laws

NetJets Europe has been summoned to appear at the Court of Bobigny, near Paris, on December 2, after three entities–French charter operator lobbying group Scara, French crew retirement fund CRPN and one pilot union–sued the fractional ownership company over alleged noncompliance with French labor laws. They allege that the flight crews of foreign countries working under foreign contracts are not contributing to France’s labor coffers. The plaintiffs claim that NetJets Europe does not abide by a November 2006 decree that defines an “operating base” as the place where a pilot or a cabin attendant starts his or her duty period and returns afterward. The decree implies that operators having a base in France must pay labor levies and taxes to French administrations. Lisbon-based NetJets Europe has been employing its crews under Portuguese contracts, for example, and consequently is not paying the same contributions as its French competitors. Scara estimates that NetJets Europe bases 50 pilots in France and that it derives revenue close to €85 million ($120 million) annually from flights between French locations. NetJets Europe would not comment on the matter.


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