NetJets Europe Begins Shedding of Falcon 7X Fleet, Home Tech for Business Travelers, 2014 Business Travel Spending Increased

The first story in today’s post is about NetJets Europe and how they are getting rid of their Dassault Falcon 7X fleet in favor of the Global Signature Series. The Signature Series was first unveiled at NBAA 2012 to great fanfare and at that point there were questions on whether they would continue using the Falcon since their performance and range overlapped each other. Since many of our readers are frequent business travelers we picked the second story about a home tech gadget. It’s a smart lock that can provide you, as well as guests or other designated persons, entry into your home -even when you are away. The third and last item on the post is about business travel spending and how it finally made a rebound in 2014. It shows that business travel spending went up 6% in 2014 compared to 2013. JetOptions saw an increase in travel spending of 14.9% and we expect double digit growth in 2015 aided by lower fuel costs and a better business climate.

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NetJets Europe, the European operating division of Berkshire Hathaway’s fractional aircraft operator NetJets, has begun disposing of its Dassault Falcon 7X fleet.


The Falcon 7X sat between the Gulfstream G550s and Dassault Falcon 2000EXs in the NetJets Europe fleet as a 14 seat aircraft that could fly up to 10,391 km. NetJets Europe operated four Falcon 7Xs.

NetJets Europe Falcon 7X CS-DSB

NetJets Europe Falcon 7X CS-DSB is being advertised for sale

Although the main NetJets operating fleet currently includes a mixture of 34 Dassault Falcon 2000s & Falcon 2000EXs, the Falcon 7X never made it into the US fleet.

Following delivery of the Falcon 7Xs NetJets Europe also began adding Bombardier Global 6000s to the fleet, with NetJets Europe operating four aircraft by the end of December 2014.

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One of the biggest trends coming out of this year’s CES? Smart home tech. And while these automated appliances and home fixtures may seem far from the realm of travel, we’ve found that they’re surprisingly not—especially if you’re interested in turning your home into a vacation rental. If there’s only one “smart” home tool that you invest in before creating your AirBnB host profile, make it Yves Behar’s beautifully designed smart lock, August. Here’s how it works.

The August lock system attaches to nearly any kind of existing lock structure (only three-prong locks, like those common in New York City apartments, are incompatible). Once installed, use August’s companion app to give “keys” to anyone you’d like…

August lock system

August Smart Lock Tech for Business Travelers

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Buoyed by a strengthening economy, U.S. businesses spent a record amount on corporate travel in 2014 and are expected to spend even more this year, according to the latest forecast from the Global Business Travel Association.

U.S. companies spent an estimated $292.2 billion last year on an increased number of business trips. And they are forecast to spend over $310 billion — 6.2% more — in 2015.

“We’re at a really solid point in the economic recovery right now, so businesses are feeling comfortable sending their business travelers on the road,” says Joe Bates, GBTA’s vice president of research. “In some cases we’re seeing businesses start to relax their travel policies a little bit, allowing travelers to have premium economy seating, spending those extra dollars for that higher level of comfort.”

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