NetJets Employees Picket over Multiple Grievances

About 75 to 80 members of the NetJets Association of Shared Aircraft Pilots (NJASAP) and other employees held an informational picketing session outside NetJets’ headquarters in Cleveland yesterday to bring attention to issues that the union claims the company management is not addressing. While the issue that prompted the picketing was NetJets’s switch to a new 401(k) provider, the larger issue is that “Since the [new] management team came in, we’ve been under a deteriorating labor relationship,” said NJASAP president Mark Luthi. “[NetJets management] wants relief from some of our scope provisions that protect some of our flying. This is us saying, ‘We’re not just going to file grievances and let you abuse the minor dispute process to try to cut into our contract.’” Linda Miller, NetJets v-p of global human resources, said, “NetJets has fully complied with the terms of all applicable collective bargaining agreements. NetJets is, as it always has been, committed to maintaining positive relationships with its team members and believes the pilot union leadership is sponsoring this picket in an attempt to gain leverage in other areas of the labor-management relationship.”

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