Narita International Airport to Create More Stands for Larger Corporate Jets Like the Airbus ACJ320 and Boeing BBJ

Tokyo Narita International Airport will convert some of its aircraft parking stands to accommodate larger corporate jets, such as the Airbus ACJ 320 and Boeing 737 BBJ. You can charter these larger corporate jets from JetOpions.

Narita International Airport creates more stands for larger corporate jets

Starting 26 June, there will be up to three stands available for larger aircraft to park at the airport, as compared to just one stand now, says the airport.

At the same time, a second access road will open in September. This will reduce the travel time from the business aviation terminal to the aircraft stand in half, to eight minutes.

The airport adds that large aircraft form approximately 10% of its corporate jet traffic, and it will continue to create initiatives to encourage greater corporate jet use.

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