Most Popular Business Aviation Airports in Europe

BlueSky has teamed up with Avinode to bring you a unique indicator of Business Aviation activity throughout Europe. Published fortnightly, the table focuses on the 25 top-ranking airports – allowing you to keep a track on the movers & shakers.

Avinode’s Departure Airport popularity ranking is based on the number of unique flight requests with their first passenger leg departing out of IACO codes starting with E, L, and U transmitted through the Avinode Marketplace over the last 30 days. When followed over longer stretches of time this chart will give you a sense of seasonal changes in- flight patterns and general flight patterns in Europe.

The full list of 25 airports is published below. The ‘rising stars’ are the airports with the green arrows, blue indicates a constant position, and red shows a downward trend. JetOptions services all of these airports.

25 Most Popular Business Aviation Departure Airports in Europe 011013


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