Middle East Air Charter Showing Strength

Air charter in the Middle East has shown strength in the face of the global market decline of the past year, according to data from online air charter marketplace and information company Avinode. Online searches and requests for charter in the Middle East have increased to represent 5 percent of all global search and request activity, the company said. In addition, Avinode said, the majority of charter flights in the region either arrive or depart from Dubai International Airport. Avinode further reports that the price of the average charter flight in the Middle East has increased, rising to an average of €54,000 ($72,360) per flight. This figure is significantly higher than the average cost of flights in other regions, because of the preference for heavy jets and the longer distances flown by charter flights in the Middle East. The Sweden-based group notes that heavy jets account for almost twice as many requests as those for midsize jets in the region, while globally requests for heavy and midsize jets are statistically even. Moreover, the average flight time for charter flights to and from the Middle East is 4.6 hours, compared with 2.5 hours for Europe and 3.1 hours globally.

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