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For decades, Gulfstream has been synonymous with high-performance private jets that are as beautiful on the outside as they are luxurious on the inside. Nonetheless, the Gulfstream G280 has still surprised many passengers, even those who have flown on other jets from this famous manufacturer. If you haven’t experienced a flight on this SuperMid Business Jet, you can charter one from our fleet.

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A Brief History of the Gulfstream 280

The Gulfstream G280 is technically a derivative version of the G200, which began its life as the IAI Galaxy. Gulfstream bought the entire program back in 2001 and started making significant changes to suit their market’s needs. The resulting Gulfstream G280 is, for all intents and purposes, a clean-sheet model. While it retains its predecessor’s fuselage cross-section, Gulfstream changed just about everything else, creating a longer, more luxurious product in the process.

Gulfstream G280 Specifications

The Gulfstream 280 carries the following flight and cabin specifications:

  • Passenger Seating: Up to 10
  • Sleeps: Up to 5
  • Max Range: 3,600 NM/6,667 km
  • Max Operating Speed (Mach): 0.85
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 39,600 pounds
  • Max Cruise Altitude: 45,000 feet

Many of these specs actually outreach the Gulfstream G280’s original goals.

The Gulfstream 280 Offers Unrivaled Range for Its Class

For example, its maximum range – 3,600 NM/6,667 km – makes it the only aircraft in its class that can fly from London to New York, nonstop. At Mach 0.80, it can do so in record time. The jet also broke a record when it was used for a transatlantic flight from Chicago to France. Despite the length of the trip – nearly 4,000 NM – the plane landed with fuel reserves in excess of what the NBAA requires for IFR transatlantic flights. It never fell below Mach 0.80, either, even though it flew its maximum gross takeoff weight.

That’s far from all. The Gulfstream G280 has set numerous records in recent years, thanks to its speed and range. Just as important, though, the G280 performs well on the runway, even when the temperature heats up. At its maximum takeoff weight, this jet only needs 3,050 feet to descend and come to a complete stop, which means it can land at numerous airports commercial airlines could never manage.

Passengers on the Gulfstream G280 Enjoy Space and Comfort

Of course, the Gulfstream G280 hasn’t reached such heights of popularity just for its performance. The twin-engine business jet also has plenty to offer passengers who put a premium on comfort. Gulfstream updated the previous model by increasing the interior cabin’s length by 17 inches. This added space now accommodates two extra windows on each side. As a super-midsize model, these improvements make the Gulfstream 280’s cabin the best in its class. The windows are also worth noting because of their design. Obviously, the extra windows mean much more light, but the design’s use of window reveals gives a pleasant illusion of extra size and a noticeable touch of elegance.

The G280 interior can be configured to suit 8 to 10 passengers. Several of the seating options include a stylish divan. By mid-size standards, the G280’s cabin is absolutely huge. The aisles are 23 inches wide and 6 feet, one-inch tall – 7 feet at the cabin’s shoulders. With the popularity of flat-floor cabins, Gulfstream’s choice to implement a walkway may seem outdated. However, the G280’s seats (which are highly articulated and extremely comfortable) are on raised platforms, so passengers sit along the widest sections of the cabin. Passengers can, therefore, enjoy even more space by sliding their seats toward the aisle.

Finally, there’s the actual air in the G280. The vacuum toilet and venting system overhead ensure the bathroom on this jet is always fresh and free of odors. Back in the cabin, passengers will enjoy fresh – not recycled – air. Both of these features make a world of difference during longer flights.

An In-Flight Accessible Baggage Area

The rear baggage area of the Gulfstream G280 deserves its own mention here. For one thing, it’s extremely spacious. It offers 120 cubic feet (once again, best in class), which is a lot of room for a comparable super mid jet of its size. That said, the main reason air charter passengers love it is because the baggage area on the 280 can be accessed during a flight.

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