Mayors from 44 States Respond to Mischaracterizations of General Aviation

JetOptions is a member of the Alliance for Aviation Across America. Yesterday, the Alliance released a letter from 77 mayors from 44 states around the country to President Obama expressing concern about recent mischaracterizations and potential new proposed tax burdens on general aviation.  Mayor Carl Brewer of Wichita, KS and Mayor James P. Councill, III of Franklin, VA, joined Alliance Executive Director Selena Shilad on a teleconference call with reporters to discuss the importance of the industry as a whole to the economy, which supports over 1.2 million jobs and $150 billion in economic impact.  The participants on the call also highlighted the role of general aviation and their community airports in supporting local employers and jobs and providing access to a host of essential services and resources, including medical care, law enforcement, disaster relief, mail delivery, fire fighting, and flight training.

To see a list of all the Mayors and City/Town officials who have signed on to the letter and to see how your Mayor or City/Town Manager can sign on, click here.

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