Luxury $605 million Boeing 747 Private Jet Unveiled, 2015 FBO Survey Results, Private Jets and Sports

Luxury plane firm unveils $605 million Boeing customised with restaurant and bedrooms

This luxury bedroom is tucked into one end of a Boeing 747-8 airliner which has been kitted out as the ultimate private jet.

A company that builds luxury aircraft has unveiled the interior of one of their $605 (£400) million planes.

Boeing 747-8 luxury private jet

US company Greenpoint’s renderings show the inside of a Boeing 747-8, which features the likes of a restaurant, living suite and stylish bedrooms.

Boeing 747’s usual capacity is around 450 passengers, but this aircraft, which was be completely redesigned, looks more like a super yacht than a passenger plane.

The original price of the plane is around $348 (£230) million, with the changes costing around $242 (£160) million, it has been reported.

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AIN 2015 FBO Survey: Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa

While business aviation traffic in North America has picked up over the past year, the story for the rest of the world isn’t as clear, with activity in many regions remaining mired. “We’ve become a delinked market,” noted Richard Aboulafia, vice president for analysis at Teal Group. “The U.S. is doing acceptably well, and elsewhere [activity is] disappointing.” Over the past year, usage of U.S.-registered business jets helped to bolster the international market, according to FAA statistics. While the U.S. business jet fleet saw approximately the same number of operations last year (4,285,910) as in 2003 (4,235,910) the percentage of international operations over that span went up by 37 percent to a record 708,872 last year.

TAG Aviation at the UK Farnborough Airport earned FBO top honors

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4 ways the aviation industry hopes to distract you from cabin crush

Breaking news: Economy class passengers dread crowded aircraft cabins.

Airlines and airplane manufacturers know this.

But instead of creating more room for passengers — a move that’d likely lead to a reduction of profits — the prevailing strategy when it comes to cabin upgrades is to distract fliers with better inflight entertainment systems and new seat designs that provide the illusion of enhanced comfort.

This, anyway, would seem to be the lesson from April’s Aircraft Interiors Expo held in Hamburg, Germany.

The aircraft cabin show attracted nearly 15,000 aviation industry attendees.

So what products did suppliers unveil to help us forget about our crushed knees?

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Louisville’s Rick Pitino raises separate funds for charter jet use in recruiting

Elite recruiting in college basketball means that coaches of high-major programs usually need to be in multiple places in short order to see the best players in the country play. This is especially the case during the live evaluation weekends in the spring and summer when tournaments are going on all over the country and coaches have a limited window to evaluate (or babysit) their top targets.

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino is one of many head coaches that has access to charter jets to get places quickly in recruiting. In a story from the Courier-Journal‘s Jeff Greer, Pitino revealed that he sets aside a separate budget of $250,000 per year for use of the chartered jets. Pitino raises money through golf tournaments and other initiatives with a booster group called Friends of the Ville.

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A crazy photo of private jets flooding the Las Vegas airport before the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

Tickets for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight were in high demand and became extremely expensive on the secondary market.

Those who could afford to get seats also chose to arrive in style.

Nick Woodhouse, president of Authentic Brands Group, tweeted a picture of the Las Vegas airport flooded with private jets, crediting Marc Jay:

Private jets in Vegas for fight

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Who Will Win The Private Jet Race Between The Kentucky Derby, Mayweather/Pacquiao, Warren Buffett?

For this mega-sports weekend, including the NBA and NHL playoffs, a full slate of Major League Baseball games, the NFL draft in Chicago and then headline events such as the Kentucky Derby, the Mayweather versus Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas, it looks like billionaire Warren Buffett will be a nose short.

Statistics released by NetJets, Inc., a unit of his Berkshire Hathaway, showed that as of Friday the “Run for the Roses” was going to edge out the annual meeting of the investing legend held each year in Omaha, Nebraska, at least measured by private jet flights the company operates. Mint Juleps were favored by a mere three flights, 177 to 174, significantly ahead of the Sin City prizefight at 142.

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Private Jets Overwhelm Vegas Airport Before Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight

Pictures showed the lot packed with private planes and jets, parked wing-to-wing

Numerous celebrities were on hand to watch Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Manny Pacquiao in Saturday night’s “Fight of the Century” in Las Vegas, and they apparently didn’t fly coach to get there.

Las Vegas’s main commercial airport, McCarran International, was reportedly closed to private planes on Saturday after celebrities packed the airport with their parked jets, according to Sports Illustrated.

In several images posted to Twitter, the airport lot is filled with private planes and jets, parked wing-to-wing.

Private jets in Vegas for fight

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