LeBron Delivers Private Jet Traffic to Cleveland , Private Jets Guide, Crackdown on Grey Market, Mexican Charter Market High-Point

Want to fly like the 1%? A Guide to Private Jets

So you’ve had it with coach, business and first class — all of it. Are you ready to stop redeeming those frequent-flyer miles and join the ranks of Wall Street’s elite, trust-fund babies, celebrities, athletes and hoodie-wearing Silicon Valley millionaires? You’ve got to fly private.

“You’ve got a chauffeur? Well, I’ve got a pilot.”

Here’s a handy guide to the elite world of private jets — from the “Starbucks card” option to the “I’ll have what Oprah’s having.”

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LeBron Brings Private Jets and Traffic to Cleveland Homecoming

LeBron James’s return to the Cavaliers turned out better for a downtown Cleveland airport than it did for the four-time Most Valuable Player.

Private jet at Cleveland Airport

In the two days leading up to the game two nights ago, which James called “one of the biggest sporting events up there ever,” 74 private jets landed at Burke Lakefront Airport in downtown Cleveland. At least 41 of those were in Cleveland specifically for their occupants to see the Cavaliers play the New York Knicks, said Todd Payne, chief of marketing and air service development for the Cleveland Airport System.

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MEBAA: Call for Crackdown on Private Jet Grey Market

The Middle East Business Aviation Association (MEBAA) has renewed its call for a crackdown on the grey market in private aviation.


Ali Ahmed Al Naqbi, chairman of MEBAA, said private owners renting their planes to third parties are breaking the law and threatening the livelihood of legal, licensed operators.

Al Naqbi likened the practice to operating a private taxi service with your own car.

“It happens when the private owner of an aircraft charters it for revenue, but you are not allowed to do this because your license is for private use only,” Al Naqbi told AviationBusinessME.com.

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Aerolineas Ejecutivas Sees Mexican Charter Market High-Point

Aerolineas Ejecutivas is one of the oldest and largest business aviation companies in Mexico, with a history that can be traced back 45 years, and a charter fleet of 23 aircraft.

Corporate Jet Investor sat down with Iker Iparraguirre, marketing, and PR Manager, to find out more about the company, and to see how the Mexican market is changing:

Can you tell us first about the Aerolineas Ejecutivas fleet?

“Aerolineas Ejecutivas was born 45 years ago down in Mexico City, we are the largest executive aviation company from the US all the way down to Brazil. We cover all the services required for corporate aviation, we go from charter service, one-time charter service, flying from all our four bases. We have bases in Monterrey, Toluca – which is our main base – Merida, and Leon Guanajuato . We cover the charter services all the way to new aircraft sales. We go from charter service, a fractional program, an hour card program, a pre-owned division and also FBO services. We are exclusive dealers for HondaJet, Bombardier, and Beechcraft down in Mexico. We are the largest company, the most professional, and we are proud to say the best in Mexico.”

Aerolineas Ejecutivas sees Mexican charter market high point

“We have 23 aircraft in our fleet. We operate Hawker 400XPs, LearJet 45s and Hawker 750, 800 and 850s, but we also manage or administrate over 60 aircraft. We go from King Air all the way up to Gulfstream IVs and Gulfstream Vs.”

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