Large Aircraft Security Proposal v2.0 Coming Soon

Speaking at the National Air Transportation Association’s FBO Leadership Conference this week in Savannah, Ga., Transportation Security Administration general aviation manager Brian Delauter told attendees that he hopes the new iteration of the Large Aircraft Security Program (Lasp) will be ready for release within the next 60 days. According to Delauter, the program underwent such wholesale changes based on criticism from the general aviation community that the process was essentially started again from scratch. While he would not comment on specific elements of the new legislation, Delauter did suggest that the applicable aircraft weight would rise in the new version. Last week at the NBAA Aircraft Registration Conference in Naples, Fla., NBAA president Ed Bolen stated that the weight threshold would be increased from 12,500 pounds in the initial proposal to “between 25,000 and 30,000 pounds” in the forthcoming revamp. Bolen said these higher weights are more quantifiable, since the TSA is basing them on fuel load capacity. Meanwhile, Delauter also announced this week that the TSA has transferred authority over the DCA Access Standard Security Program (DASSP) from its security operations office to his general aviation division, and he asked any FBOs that want to add DCA screening to their customer offerings to contact Zach Carder at the agency.

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