JetOptions Showcases Selected Private Aircraft for Sale September 9th 2015

Featured Private Aircraft for Sale – September 9th, 2015:

This is our regular installment of selected private jets for sale from our friends at GlobalAir. They are celebrating their 20th  anniversary this year. Since 1995 GlobalAir has been the world’s leader in listing aircraft for sale. Their goal is to connect sellers and buyers and to allow them to find, showcase and sell their aircraft not only locally but to a worldwide market. Some of our charter clients that decided to purchase an aircraft used as a research tool and found it informative and easy to use. Because of the feedback from our clients, JetOptions is featuring them on our website as a resource we recommend. They provide a great experience whether you are listing or looking to purchase a private jet. At Globalair you will find a large variety of private aircraft for sale, wanted aircraft, as well as leasing opportunities. On a regular basis we showcase a selection of some of the private jets they have currently available online. Finding an aircraft for sale on can be done quickly and with ease by using the many different search features they offer. You can search by aircraft broker, aircraft manufacturer, and aircraft classification. They also offer the ability to compare aircraft for sale side by side. Whether you are buying or selling a private aircraft, is the place to start.

If you want to take a similar aircraft for a spin before you buy, you can also charter all of the business jets you see below from JetOptions.

The private jets for sale we are featuring this week: 1994 Citation V Ultra, 2004 Gulfstream G550, 2007 Citation CJ3, 1999 Gulfstream IV-SP, and 1997 Gulfstream GV

1994 Citation V Ultra

SN: 560-0275

  • Brought to you by Corporate Fleet Services
  • Seating is for nine passengers in a double club configuration
  • RVSM Capable, Thrust Reversers
  • Phase 1-4 c/w 4/2015, Phase 11 c/w 7/2015, Phase 5 c/w 6/2014
  • Life Vests, Cargo Netting, Part 135
  • Overall white with red and green accent stripes
  • Charter a Cessna Citation V Ultra from JetOptions

2004 Gulfstream G550

SN: 5058

  • Brought to you by Bloomer deVere
  • 14-passenger, aft galley configuration with crew rest
  • Securaplane Security System
  • Swift Broadband for Near-Global Internet Coverage
  • Honeywell SATCOM and Swift Broadband.
  • Enhanced Navigation Package / Synthetic Vision 2.0
  • Charter a Gulfstream G550 from JetOptions

2007 Citation CJ3

SN: 525B-0138

  • Brought to you by Global Jet Aviation
  • Passenger Seating: 7 (Includes Optional Belted Lavatory)
  • Single Pilot Capable, RVSM Capable
  • Oceanic/Remote Airspace Capable, NAT MNPS Capable, P-RNAV Capable
  • Aircell ST-3100 Iridium SATCOM Installation
  • Charter a Cessna Citation CJ3 from JetOptions

1999 Gulfstream IV-SP

SN: 1368

  • Brought to you by Avpro, Inc.
  • Excellent Pedigree, Meticulously Maintained
  • Fireblocked 13 passenger interior featuring a forward 4 place club arrangement
  • Airshow Network, Audio International Cabin Management System
  • Overall Matterhorn White with Blue Metallic, Ming Blue II and Nordic Gray Custom Accent Striping, new in 2008
  • Charter a Gulfstream IV-SP from JetOptions

1997 Gulfstream GV

SN: 516

  • Brought to you by Avjet Corporation
  • Thirteen 13 Passenger, Forward Galley With Forward Crew Rest
  • Airborne Satellite Broadband System (Yonder)
  • Dual EVAS, Electronic Digital Clocks
  • RVSM Certified
  • Interior Reconfiguration / Refurbishment Completed September 2013
  • Charter a Gulfstream GV from JetOptions


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