JetOptions posts a video of the Global Express 5000

The Global Express 5000 is the ultra long-range business jet developed by Bombardier Aerospace. The aircraft has a cruise speed just below sonic level at Mach 0.88 or 0.85 and is capable of using first class or secondary airports and basic short airfields in remote areas. The range of the Global Express is 11,130km and Global Express XRS is 11,390km. The high cruise speed, normal cruise speed and long-range cruise speed of the aircraft are 935km/h, 904km/h and 850km/h respectively. The 14.73m-long cabin is heated and air-conditioned. An Ultra Electronics active noise and vibration-cancellation system ensures quiet conditions in flight. The cabin can be laid out for 8 to 19 passengers. Customized interior layouts can include office, stateroom or conference-style areas. The baggage compartment at the rear of the cabin is accessible in flight. The port side door at the front of the cabin has airstairs.

You can see the video here: and you can charter this jet from JetOptions. For more info call us at 972-764-3563 or email us at

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