JetOptions Offers Booking for Commercial Airline and Private Jet Flights

“With JetOptions you can book your private Jet along with any commercial airline tickets you may need, and you can do it all with just one phone call” said Gus Lira, JetOptions Vice President of Operations. JetOptions specializes in on demand private jet chartering, however it can book all your other travel needs. Whether you want to add a villa in Italy, a first class ticket to Sydney, a suite at The Savoy or a yacht in the Mediterranean they are all just one phone call away. All you need to do is make one call and JetOptions takes care of the rest. You can call Gus Lira at 972-764-3563 for more information.

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One Response to “JetOptions Offers Booking for Commercial Airline and Private Jet Flights”

  1. Jeff Vonderhaar says:

    I agree. I purchased first class tickets from Sydney to Los Angeles and chartered a light jet to Jackson Hole Wyoming. It all went very smoothly. Thanks Gus Lira and JetOptions!