Jetoptions has added a video of the Learjet 60XR

Bombardier’s midsize Learjet 60XR is the last iteration of the legacy of Learjets. The 60XR is an improved version of the 60, boasting a more space-efficient interior. Based on the large-cabin 55 series, the Learjet 60XR increased in size and performance value.  It is the first of the line to use PW305 turbofan engines instead of General Electric engine models.  The Pratt & Whitney of Canada PWC305A have 4,600 lbs of thrust each.  With such powerful engines, the Learjet excels in performance against competitors in its class.  It can out-climb any mid-size jet, capable of a staggering 6,000 or greater feet per minute (FPM) climb.  It can reach Mach 0.81 and is certified at a 51,000 feet flight ceiling.  One might think that fuel efficiency would suffer when accommodating such high performance specifications, but the 60 Model surpasses in that category as well. Bombardier designed the Learjet with performance in mind.  Its wings feature drag-reducing winglets. The 60XR features a digital steer-by-wire nosewheel and an electrically-heated windshield.   The 60XR’s greatest difference from its predecessor is in the cabin design.  The cabin measures 5.7 ft high, 5.9 ft wide and 17.7 ft long.  This space is sufficient for six passengers: four-seat club and two additional, forward-facing seats.  Design improvements include a larger galley, increased aft baggage area (59 cubic ft), 5 different floorplans, and the addition of a cabin management system featuring control modules and electronic power ports.

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