JetNet: Preowned Business Jet Inventories Continue to Drop

JETNET LLC, the business aviation information company, has released January 2013 results for previously owned business jet, business turboprop, and helicopter markets. Percentages of Fleet For Sale for all market sectors, other than piston helicopters, were down in the January year-to-year comparisons.
Comparing January 2013 to January 2012, all market sector percentages of Fleet For Sale were down in the January comparisons, other than piston helicopters. Company turboprops relocated still lower, and well below the 10 % mark, clearly relocating it into a seller’s market. Business jets are the only market sector showing greater than a 10 % For Sale percentage.
Full Retail Sale Transactions
In January 2013 the company jet sector reduced by 1.8 %, only the second time since January 2009 that it showed a decrease in Full Retail Sale Transactions.
The business turboprop sector was the only one to reveal a boost, at 5.7 %, in January 2013 compared to January 2012.
In the January 2013 contrast to January 2012, Turbine Helicopter Full Retail Sale Transactions fell from 100 to 67, or 33 %. This is the most affordable number of deals because January 2007.
In January 2013, Full Retail Sale Transactions for piston helicopters likewise showed its biggest decline in the number of transactions since 2007, to 51.


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