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Private Jet Charter Specials | Empty Leg and One-Way Flights

JetOptions current one way and empty leg jet charter listings. These segment listings are updated as soon as they become available. Check back often for the latest specials and save on your next jet charter.

With one-way listings, you get point-to-point charter rates. These are fixed rates between traditional city pairs. You do not pay for repositioning the aircraft or the overnights thereby saving money.

Fly an Empty Leg Flight or One Way Charter and Save

Empty-leg flight listings can offer substantial savings compared to regular charter rates. What is an empty leg? An empty leg, also known as a deadhead, is a portion of a previously booked one-way private aircraft charter flight. The aircraft needs to fly empty to pick up at a different airport, return to base empty after dropping off passengers, or needs to reposition to another airport for the next client. Be mindful that these flights exist because someone else has already chartered the flight. This means you are likely going to be flying using the first customer’s flight schedule. You may be unable to depart at your preferred times and will have to be flexible with the departure or arrival airport. Flexibility on dates, times, origin and destination will always give you more charter options.

Many departure times and locations are negotiable. Contact JetOptions to determine if your travel requirements are within the charter availability of these private aircraft. Often times we may be able to work with the owner of the aircraft to find a nearby airport for your departure or arrival.

Call JetOptions for a Custom Quote on an Empty Leg

The jet charter prices quoted below are for itineraries specified. Any changes to itinerary offered are subject to a price change. When rates are listed, they are exclusive of taxes and other fees.

All empty legs are contingent upon the original charter and are subject to change or cancellation at any time.

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