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Jet Charter Rental Company

JetOptions is a jet charter rental company with jets available for executive, luxury, and personal travel. There’s live access to these planes to be used at any time, and you can contact JetOptions 24/7. Every aircraft is FAA compliant and adheres to the highest level of safety, including regulations concerning maintenance and pilot licensure. JetOptions uses ARGUS and Wyvern aircraft for chartered flights ensuring the highest available safety-rated planes for your trips.

Using a Jet Charter Rental Company Has Many Advantages

Even if you own your jet, it can be advantageous to use a jet charter rental company. You may want an aircraft that’s larger or smaller than your plane. For example, if you have a large jet but are taking a trip with just a handful of people, you want to avoid paying the cost of fuel and operation incurred when flying a large aircraft. Also, you are all too aware that the most significant aircraft expense (and therefore deduction) is depreciation. More, jet values wane even they’re not depreciating linearly. You can’t write off the total purchase price during the year you buy it. Every time your jet lands, it devalues.

The Cost of Jet Ownership

Obligations for your flights may include oil, fuel, engine overhaul cost, insurance, landing fees, ramp tie-down fees, and hangar fees. Aircraft accessories like engine covers and headsets have a price range. Regular maintenance inspections , including annual inspections, instrument inspections, avionics inspections, crew travel, subsistence, salary, handling charges, and management fees.

When owning a jet, a single hour of flight time can equate to thousands of dollars of fuel burn. Similarly, many aircraft owners buy new planes every handful of years. This is an unprecedented amount of responsibility, commitment, and resources, all necessary for the mere ownership of a jet, and these obligations are added to the high original purchase price.

Jet Charter Company Travel Management

You don’t have to worry about any of these issues when using a jet charter rental company. When working with a company like JetOptions, we care for all your needs, even offering a concierge service to get you to and from your jet. Further, some of our aircraft arrive with onboard flight attendants to cater to all your travel needs in the air.

If you want to fly your colleagues to their big meeting, or you charter your friends out to a big game, a jet charter rental company has everything you need to accommodate you and your guests. Business jets can carry 5 to 30 people, they may or may not have a full lavatory, may have beds, may include a kitchen or area for food preparation. These aircraft have different ranges and can fly domestically or internationally. For a full range of your choices in aircraft charter visit our private jet fleet page.

Consider some of the additions you can have in-flight when using a jet charter rental company—in-flight entertainment has no bounds. Watch your favorite movie projected on a large screen, play poker on a full table or have music pumped throughout the plane.

Find out more about the premier ARGUS and Wyvern jet charter rental company, JetOptions. Call us for a no-obligation quote request, or simply submit the request form below for your next booking.

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