Jet Charter rates probably won’t drop anymore

Say for a moment that you own an aircraft rather than simply fly on those you charter. Given the direct operating costs and all the other expenses of ownership, how much would you charge a stranger to use your airplane? If you think today’s relatively soft demand gives you leverage to negotiate lowball rates, you’re not thinking the way many business jet owners do.

As a charter customer, you want a good deal but you likely don’t want to invest lots of time searching for one. The optimum solution is to find one or two reliable providers (such as JetOptions) who offer competitive prices rather than seeking the ultimate deal for every flight.

Keep in mind that while charter rates may not be going lower they remain well below what they were before the recession turned the economy upside down. If the cost of charter is headed anywhere, it’s likely upward. Enjoy current pricing while you can and contact JetOptions for all your jet charter needs.

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