January data underlines the prolonged slump in domestic business aviation flights in Western Europe

According to WINGX’s latest monthly Business Aviation Monitor, European business aviation flight departures in January 2013 decreased 1.4 % year-on-year (YOY).
This notes the 10th successive monthly YOY decline and expands the double plunge downturn since 2011. January saw additional compared to 5 % rise in departures, compared to December 2012.
January data highlights the extended downturn in residential trips in Western Europe. Yet Germany attracted attention from various other leading markets with a small YOY boost in overall departures. The largest YOY drops in activity joined Southern Europe. Company air travel departures in Greece dropped 26 %. Scandinavian countries, nonetheless, expanded departures; Norway had 11 % development YOY, for example.
The greatest growing European market is Ukraine, with 24% growth, mostly air charter travel. Turkey showed durable growth, but this is due to federal government and military air travel activity.
The ultra long segment portion proceeds to grow, and heavy jets additionally increased flights YOY. This demand is mainly for private air travel. Very Light Jets lost activity, and Light Jets increased hours flown.
Between OEM fleets, Gulfstream increased activity, Bombardier, Embraer and Hawker BeechCraft had a mixed month, while Cessna and Learjet had decreasing demand in January, YOY.
Evaluating complete year 2012 information, business aviation traffic in Europe (-7%) fell considerably more than North American activity (-1%). The standout distinction was the super midsize aircraft segment.
A specific study of business aviation activity during the World Economic Forum in Davos in January revealed an 8 % decrease in flights, with activity an estimating 7,000 loads of carbon discharges. Business aviation departures in Greece dropped 26%. Scandinavian countries, nevertheless, grew departures; Norway had an 11% increase YOY.
The ultra long range segment continues to prosper, and heavy jets also added flights YOY. You can read the full report at WingX.

European Aviation Departures Growth in January 2013

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