Inside the World’s Best First Class Lounges

Nobody wants their flight to be delayed. But there’s one group of travellers  who respond to that “we apologise for any inconvenience caused” announcement  with a nonchalant shrug, maybe even a smile.

Those are the travellers ensconced in the first class lounge where that extra  hour can mean time for a second course of restaurant-grade food, another glass  or two from a fully-stocked bar, or even a last-minute visit to a beauty spa for  a pre-flight facial.

“Some first class lounges offer the ultimate escape for weary globetrotters: a  private room.”

First class lounges are less about simply waiting for your flight, and more like a five-star escape from the masses.

These spacious and stylish sanctuaries are a cut above the business lounges  favoured by most frequent flyers and business class passengers. As the name  indicates, first class lounges are aimed at the well-heeled high flyers who  travel in the pointiest end of the plane.

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