How Much Top 15 Media CEO’s Spend on Private Jets

Business Insider’s Kirsten Acuna scoured the SEC filings of 15 biggest media companies, like News Corp. and Disney, to see which CEOs get the best perks in the form of private jets and other trinkets.

One of them gets more than $1 million per year in company jet time.

We’ve ranked our list according to the highest private jet packages per company.

Where available, they’ve also provided their car fees, club membership costs, and security budgets.

Left off the list is Sony’s CEO Kazuo Hirai, since his sole company perk includes the company paying approximately $114,634 of his income taxes.

The list:

1.Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks): $1.5 million

2.Leslie Moonves (CBS Corp.): $557,600

3.Bob Iger (The Walt Disney Co.): $371,439

4.Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.): $361,013

5.Glenn Brit (Time Warner Cable): $339,779

6.Brian L. Roberts (Comcast): $237,176

7.Philippe P. Dauman (Viacom): $232,097

8.Charles Ergen (DISH): $170,551

9.Randall L. Stephenson (AT&T): $132,166

10.Lowell C. McAdam (Verizon Communications): $110,204

11.Michael White (DirecTV): $69,422

12.Gracia Martore (Gannett Co): $64,405

13.Jon Feltheimer (Lionsgate Films): $60,476

14.Jeffrey Bewkes (Time Warner): $37,700

15.Charles Dolan (Cablevision): $24,531

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