Hawker 4000s Set for Significant Upgrade Program

Faced with an FAA mandate to modify all of the Hawker 4000s delivered thus far with fuel system upgrades that meet the latest certification standards, Hawker Beechcraft is combining that work with an extensive upgrade and enhancement program. The fuel system modifications require removal of the interior for access to isolate the fuel-system wiring harness and make other changes, all of which bring the 4000 to Amendment 102 standards of Part 25. The program will take about 90 days per airplane and work will be done at Hawker Beechcraft’s Little Rock service center. The program includes the fuel system mods and the Load 20 upgrade to the Honeywell Epic avionics (with graphical weather, charts display and many other improvements), Fadec software upgrade for the P&WC PW308A engines, a higher-capacity and improved toilet and other system upgrades. Hawker Beechcraft is paying for the program and alternative lift (but not for revenue-generating charter flights lost as a result of the downtime or for avionics upgrades that weren’t part of the original purchase agreement). The Hawker 4000 is the first business jet to achieve Amendment 102 compliance, according to Hawker Beechcraft.

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