Gulfstream Widebodies Top Bizjets in 2014, JetOptions Has One More Cessna Citation Sovereign Available for Charter, Hundreds of planes head to North Texas

Today we have 3 items on our post: First is an article deeming the Gulfstream line of widebody jets as tops in the business jet category. Then, we have JetOptions news regarding the availability of another Cessna Citation Sovereign for charter. This aircraft is a favorite of our clients for private travel to Hawaii. Lastly, is a business aviation report about our part of Texas (for the JetOptions Dallas office at least) from the Dallas Morning News: This weekend will be a busy one in North Texas with the College Football Playoff National Championship game being played in Arlington, Texas. As always, if there is a story, article, item, or theme you’d like to see covered here, let us know in the comments section -Ed.

Gulfstream Widebodies Top Bizjets in 2014

In his latest monthly blog post, Teal Group vice president of analysis Richard Aboulafia gave an overview of aircraft programs that he considers to be the winners (F-35, F/A-18, Gripen NG, A320neo, and A330neo) and losers (Scorpion, CSeries, KC-46, 747 and A380) in 2014. Business jets were conspicuously missing from the list, so AIN asked him to address this category.

Gulfstream G500 and G600

With the G500 and G600 Gulfstreams, large-cabin market dominance looks secure.

Aboulafia selected Gulfstream’s “widebody line” as the winner last year. “Strong G650 deliveries propelled the company to the number-one business jet OEM spot last year, while the G650ER added new capabilities at low cost and kept the product competitive against the Global 7000/8000,” he said. “Meanwhile, the long-awaited launch of P42 produced two new models, the G500 and G600. Gulfstream’s large-cabin market dominance now looks secure for years to come.”

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JetOptions network of aircraft available for charter now has access to another Cessna Citation Sovereign for immediate use.

Cessna Citation Sovereign

Charter a Cessna Citation Sovereign from JetOptions

The Cessna Citation Sovereign entered service in 2004, fulfilling a need for an aircraft larger than prior Citation models but with better short-field performance than the faster Citation X model. This is accomplished without sacrificing transcontinental range, and the plane is certified for charter flights from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Cessna Citation Sovereign Video:

Hundreds of planes head to North Texas for College Football Playoff.

Extra traffic in area’s busy skies

The skies over North Texas will be a bit more crowded over the next few days as a bevy of private planes descend on Dallas ahead of Monday’s first-ever College Football Playoff national championship game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.

Photo by Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News Staff Photographer

Ground crewman attends to a corporate jet at Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington Texas.

Local transportation and aviation officials expect several hundred smaller planes — carrying Oregon and Ohio State boosters, corporate sponsors, and fans — to head into the area’s regional airports.

The added aviation activity that typically surrounds significant stadium events like the Super Bowl, Dallas Cowboys playoff games, and college athletic events has given smaller, local airports plenty of practice for crowds.

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