Gulfstream just delivered the 300th outfitted Gulfstream G450 to a customer

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. just recently delivered its 300th Gulfstream G450. The turning point comes nine years after the aircraft went into service in May 2005.

“The shipment of the 300th G450 is a proud milestone for Gulfstream since it demonstrates the dependability, efficiency and comfort the aircraft provides and reflects continuing interest from our clients,” said Scott Neal, senior vice president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Gulfstream. With the G450 and its sister ship, the G550, Gulfstream has actually dominated the large-cabin business jet market for the past decade.”.

The G450 has a range of 4,350 nautical miles/8,056 kilometers at its regular cruise speed of Mach 0.80. The aircraft has 9 city-pair records, including the first one set in 2006 when it flew from Centennial Airport in Denver to Honolulu Airport in Oahu in just over 7 hours.

The G450 offers the most comfortable and comprehensivelyequipped cabin in its class with 3 seating areas, a large luggage compartment and a full-size galley location, which can be accessed in-flight. Its cabin environment is unrivaled with 100 percent fresh air, a 6,000-foot / 1,829-meter cabin altitude, very quiet noise levels, and Gulfstream’s trademark oval windows for plentiful natural light.

The G450 is equipped with the Gulfstream PlaneViewTM air travel deck, which enhances pilots’ situational awareness, lowers their workload and enhances the general safety of the airplane. The Head-Up Display and the Enhanced Vision System are basic on the G450. In addition, Gulfstream remains to update the PlaneView system to meet the most current regulations worldwide and now includes Controller Pilot Data Link Communications and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out (DO-260A) as standard devices.

The G450 is licensed in 53 countries and boasts a 12-month NBAA Dispatch Reliability of 99.9 percent, with more than 545,000 air travel hours and approximately 261,000 landings logged by operators. Gulfstream has one operator that leads the fleet with more than 6,300 hours and more than 3,900 landings.

Gulfstream just delivered the 300th outfitted Gulfstream G450 to a customer



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