Gulfstream G500 Test Flights, Citation M2 Certification, Legacy 650 Simulator, Legacy 450 Certified, Legacy 500 Delivered

Gulfstream G500 Completes Five Flights

Two Additional Aircraft Preparing For Flight

Gulfstream Aerospace Corp announced that the Gulfstream G500 has completed five test flights since it first took to the skies on May 18.

During more than 15 hours of flying, the aircraft achieved a top speed of Mach 0.80 and a maximum altitude of 38,500 feet/11,735 meters. The aircraft’s longest flight was more than four hours.

Gulfstream G500 Completes Five Flights

Over the past several weeks, the aircraft has been undergoing planned modifications in preparation for returning to flight later this month.

“The first five flights exceeded our expectations,” said Dan Nale, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream. “And they demonstrated that our testing facilities on the ground are having very real benefits in the air, allowing us to identify and address issues before they’re ever seen in flight.”

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Cessna Citation M2 Reaches New Heights with High-Elevation Airport Certification

Cessna Aircraft Company announced at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (LABACE) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, that the Cessna Citation M2 business jet has received certification to operate at airports with an elevation up to 14,000 feet.

“Further proving the Citation M2 is unmatched in its class, it now holds high-elevation airport certification,” said Chris Hearne, vice president, Jets. “This allows customers operating out of high-elevation airports, like many found throughout Latin America, to do more with their aircraft.

Cessna Citation M2 High Elevation Certification

Within Latin America, for example, the Citation M2 can now operate with non-stop reach from places such as La Paz, Bolivia, to Quito, Ecuador; La Paz to Sao Paulo, Brazil; or La Paz to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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FlightSafety’s Embraer Legacy 650 Simulator in Paris Receives EASA and FAA Level D Qualification

FlightSafety International and Embraer announce that the Legacy 650 simulator located at the Paris-Le Bourget Learning Center has been qualified to Level D by the European Aviation Safety Agency and the United States Federal Aviation Administration.

FlightSafety Embraer Legacy 650 Simulator

“The Level D qualification by EASA and the FAA of our Legacy 650 simulator located in Paris further enhances the benefits FlightSafety provides to operators of Embraer aircraft around the world,” said David Davenport, Executive Vice President.

“The Legacy 650 simulator in Europe illustrates our commitment to delivering world-class training to our customers,” said Waldir Gomes Gonçalves, Senior Vice President, Customer Support and Services Worldwide, Embraer Executive Jets. “This is one more great achievement from the partnership between Embraer and FlightSafety to serve our mutual customers. We are continually expanding our global network to create advanced training programs that exceed industry standards.”

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Embraer’s Legacy 450 Executive Jet awarded Brazilian certification

The Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency (Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil – ANAC) granted type certification for the Legacy 450 mid-light executive jet during a ceremony at the Latin American Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (LABACE) in São Paulo, Brazil.

Legacy 450 In Flight

“We are especially thrilled with the Legacy 450 certification, delivering on our commitment to reach this milestone just one year after the Legacy 500,” said Humberto Pereira, Vice President, Engineering and Technology, Embraer. “The Legacy 450 introduces true innovation in its class. This is also a reward for our teams’ passion and dedication to bring this truly revolutionary aircraft to market, and I congratulate each team member for this achievement.”

The certification campaign comprised two prototype aircraft, the first with flight test instruments and the second with a production-conforming interior. The commonality between the Legacy 450 and the Legacy 500 is around 95%. Production of the Legacy 450 has already begun and the first delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2015.

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Embraer Executive Jets delivers first Legacy 500 in Mexico

São José dos Campos, Brasil, August 10, 2015 – Embraer Executive Jets has delivered the first Legacy 500 midsize jet to a customer in Mexico. The aircraft will be operated by Transpaís Aéreo, a subsidiary of the Lomex Group Aeronautics Division. The Legacy 500 was awarded type certification from Mexican’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority in June.

The Legacy 500 is proving itself to be a highly capable executive jet that is well-suited to the Mexican market. It offers excellent field performance and easy transcontinental range. The aircraft can fly nonstop from Toluca to Manaus, Cancun to Vancouver or New York to London. The Legacy 500 has met or exceeded all performance expectations, with a smooth entry into service since its first delivery in the last quarter of 2014.

Embraer Legacy 500 first in Mexico

“We have been able to differentiate ourselves from the competitors by introducing truly innovative products for the segments in which we compete. The delivery of the first Legacy 500 in Mexico highlights the market trend toward business jets that combine performance, range, low-cost operation and cabin comfort”, said Marco Túlio Pellegrini, President & CEO, Embraer Executive Jets. “I’m glad to see the first Legacy 500 enter service in Mexico.”

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