Gulfstream G280 Will Be Cybersecure

The Gulfstream G280 joined a small but growing list of aircraft that are subject to special conditions from the FAA meant to prevent unauthorized “connectivity to, or access by, external systems and networks.” An FAA spokesman told AIN that “similar cybersecurity protection special conditions have already been applied” to the Airbus A350; Boeing 767-2C, 787-8 and 747-8; Bombardier C Series; Embraer Legacy 500; and Gulfstream G650. “Whether or not these aircraft are fly-by-wire is not relative to application of these special conditions,” he added. The cybersecurity special conditions for the G280, published this week in the Federal Register, have already been addressed, according to a Gulfstream spokeswoman. “The G280 meets the requirements of the special condition as part of its compliance to type design,” she told AIN. Since the G280 has a fly-by-wire rudder and roll-assist spoiler system, as well as an integrated modular avionics system, “The FAA’s concern stems from any product incorporating such systems and includes ensuring that any essential systems that are dependent on a network are protected from electronic intrusion, inadvertent or otherwise,” she noted. Gulfstream says that the super-midsize G280, which received provisional certification in December, is on track to receive full FAA type approval within the next month or so.

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