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GAMA Publishes 2015 Second Quarter Aircraft Shipment Data

The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) released the second quarter 2015 general aviation aircraft shipment numbers. Industry airplane shipments fell 9.1 percent to 1,015 units for the first half of the year, and airplane billings declined 4.6 percent to $10.4 billion, compared to the same period a year ago. Rotorcraft shipments decreased, from 502 units to 447 units, and billings were down an estimated 16.8 percent to $1.9 billion for the first six months.

The number of piston airplanes delivered fell 11.8 percent, from 526 units to 464 units. Turboprop shipments also declined 9.9 percent to 246 airplanes. Business jet manufacturers shipped 305 airplanes compared to 318 airplanes last year, a drop of 4.1 percent. Piston rotorcraft declined to 130 shipments while turbine rotorcraft dropped from 358 units in 2014 to 317 units in 2015, an 11.5 percent decline.

Fewer business jets were shipped in 2015

“While the second quarter generally improved over the first, our industry is still being buffeted by volatile global markets and contraction within the energy sector,” GAMA President and CEO Pete Bunce said. “Robust new product development continues in each of our member companies, accentuating the need for streamlined certification processes and efficient validation mechanisms between regulatory authorities. Finally, fair global competitiveness for all GAMA members rests on the need for a global level playing field. Therefore, Export-Import Bank reauthorization remains a key priority for manufacturers.”


Business Jets
Total Shipments1,117
Total Billings$10.9B$10.4B-4.6%
Total Shipments502
Total Billings$2.3B$1.9B-16.8%


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Cessna Certified to Upgrade Early Models with TCAS II 7.1

Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation Inc., a Textron Inc. (NYSE:TXT) company, today announced it has received certification to offer TCAS II 7.1 upgrades for early model Cessna Citation business jets. Available now at company-owned service centers, this upgrade will allow operators of applicable aircraft  to comply with European airspace requirements by the end of 2015.

“With the approaching deadline for TCAS compliance in Europe, this certification allows early model Citation operators the ability to upgrade their aircraft directly from the manufacturer,” said Brad Thress, senior vice president, Customer Service. “The upgrades can be completed along with regular maintenance or independently, usually as a simple software change, though some may require new hardware as well.”

Starting on Dec. 1, 2015, all aircraft already equipped with TCAS and weighing more than 5,700 kg will be required to have the version 7.1 software upgrade to the Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II) in order to operate in European airspace.  Recent model Citations, as well as applicable Beechcraft King Airs and Hawker business jets, already comply or have certified solutions available.

Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System TCAS

Solutions offered under the new certification are for Citation models CJ2, Citation II/SP, Citation SII, Bravo, V Ultra, Encore, Encore+, Excel, XLS, Citation III, Citation VI, Citation VII, Sovereign, and Citation X.

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ANALYSIS: LABACE approaches amid regional instability

The 12th Latin American Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition will open its doors on 11 August in a region mired in political and economic instability.


The three-day annual event – held at Congonhas airport, São Paulo, Brazil – is now a permanent fixture on the aviation calendar thanks to the significance of the region to the business aircraft industry.

With an installed base of more than 2,700 business jets and turboprops, Latin America is home to the third largest business aircraft fleet by continent, after North America and Europe. While its position on the continental fleet roster is assured for some time to come, Latin America is losing its lustre as the deepening financial crisis takes its toll on new aircraft sales.

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Business Aviation Industry-wide Shipments Lagging

There are a variety of measures to gauge the state of the business aviation sector—overall it has been struggling since 2010 when the worst recession since the 1930s officially ended—and based on shipment data for the second quarter of 2015 it is sputtering.

For the period ended June 30, industry-wide airplane shipments were down more than 9%, while billings were off 4.6%, to $10.4 billion, compared to the same period a year ago. Moreover, the decline wasn’t restricted to just one segment. Business jet manufacturers shipped 4.1% fewer airplanes, for a total of 305 aircraft. Turboprop shipments fell 9.9%, to 246, while the number of piston-powered airplane shipments declined 11.8%, to 526 units.

While second-quarter shipments were an improvement over the first three months of the year, the industry continues to be buffeted by volatile global markets and contraction within the energy sector, General Aviation Manufacturers Association President and CEO Pete Bunce noted. All the same, there were notable exceptions to the disappointing second-quarter activity.

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NetJets to get first Citation Latitude in July 2016

Fractional ownership company NetJets has firmed up the delivery schedule for its Cessna Citation Latitude business jets, with the first of the midsize type set to enter its operation in July 2016.

Cessna Citation Latitude exterior

The Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary – the world’s largest operator of business aircraft – placed an order in 2012 for 25 Latitudes as part a multi-billion dollar overhaul of its 500-strong fleet.

It says the aircraft, worth $16 million each, will be absorbed into its US and European fleets over a two-year period.

cessna-citation-latitude in flight

NetJets also has options for 125 of the nine-passenger model, which received US Federal Aviation Administration certification in June and is poised to enter service this month.

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