Forecast Charter Demand Remains Strong

Forecast demand for executive charter flights over the next 30 days is slightly down from a month ago, according to the latest data from online charter portal Avinode. As of November 1, the forward-looking demand index produced by the Sweden-based group was 92.83, about 2 points below where it stood on October 1. However, this month’s demand index is still about 32 points ahead of where it was 12 months ago. The latest charter price index from Avinode showed a somewhat mixed picture, as did historical data showing actual average flight hour prices over the past month. As of November 1, the global price index of 96.05 was almost unchanged from October 1. For Europe, the index was marginally down, but for the U.S. market it was slightly up. In North America the average rates were 3.7 percent down at €2,310 ($3,212) for a Cessna Citation Excel, 4.4 percent down for a Hawker 800 at €2,390 ($3,323) and 3.3 percent down for a Challenger 604 at €3,538 ($4,918). By contrast, average rates outside North America increased by between 1 and 3 percent for the Hawker 800 at €3,235 ($4,496) and for the Challenger 604 at €4,685 ($6,512). The international average for the Excel dropped slightly to €2,676 ($3,719).

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