Flying Classroom Departs For Global Education Tour, Business Aviation Group Fights ‘Targeted’ Increases In UK Pax Tax

Flying Classroom Departs For Global Education Tour

 In a mission years in the planning, pilot Barrington Irving departed from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport today in the Hawker 400XP that will serve as his flying classroom for educational tours of all seven continents. The first expedition in the aircraft, which has been dubbed the {{ITALICS}} Inspiration III, runs through November 18 and will include stops across North America and in both Asia and Australasia…

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Business Aviation Group Fights ‘Targeted’ Increases In UK Pax Tax

 The British Business and General Aviation Association (BBGA) is opposing further increases to the UK’s air passenger duty (APD) tax that would steeply raise fees for business aircraft passengers. Though the proposed changes would simplify and reduce charges for scheduled airline passengers, the association charges that business aviation was “specifically targeted” to pay more.
According to BBGA, the proposed increased charges that would take effect April 15, 2015, are “considerably higher, in terms of the specific amount and the additional cost…

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JetBlue Flight 1416 was just minutes into its trip from Long Beach, Calif., to Austin, Tex., on Sept. 18 when Scott Welch, a passenger in Seat 5A, heard a suspicious pop. Moments later, smoke began to fill the cabin, clogging the air to the point that he could see only a few rows in front of him, he said. The starboard engine of the Airbus A320, he soon learned, had blown.

As other passengers began to cry, and pray, Mr. Welch strapped on his oxygen mask and pondered his fate.

“I understood that I might be going to meet God,” Mr. Welch, 34, recalled. He thought, “If this is my time, this is my time.”

Faced with his own mortality, he could have closed his eyes in quiet reflection. Instead, Mr. Welch, a sports photographer, responded in a distinctly 2014 manner: He reached for his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 smartphone, thrust it into the murky air and pressed the record button. He even found the presence of mind to record a smiling selfie.

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