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You want to enjoy the best flight charter companies when taking a flight worldwide. At JetOptions Private Jets, you can fly in luxury, like world dignitaries, C-level executives, and high-profile individuals.

The Best Flight Charter Companies Cater to World Leaders

Some of the most influential people in the world, including Prince Charles, Jeff Bezos, and the President of the United States, use private aircraft for their travel. While it may seem like a luxury, private jets allow access to 5,000+  municipal airports in the U.S. and many more globally. Some privately owned luxury jets have an $85 million+ price tag, including staterooms, dining and meeting rooms, and even an antimissile defense system.

Works of Art Fly Private

Many storied paintings sold at auction need to move from London, New York, and Paris to their new homes. These works of art will often travel by a chartered private jet, ensuring the top secrecy of their movements and the anonymity of the aircraft used for the flights. Occasionally, art will fly to a high-security storage facility awaiting its final destination in a home or corporate office.

Tech Executives Fly Privately

The Blue City Google complex is planned to be one of the most extensive client corporate air facilities in the U.S. and worldwide. Google Alphabets’s Sergey Brin and Larry Page have a Boeing 767-200 privately owned by the executives. This jet is estimated to come in for $82 million, while their additional ten Gulfstream Jets are slated to move into the Norman Y. Mineta private hangar compound in San Jose. Operated by Signature Flight Support, Google is not the first corporation moving to the Mineta Blue City site. The west airfield contains Hewlett Packard’s corporate hangers, among other private jet facilities. 

Commercial Airliner Jets are Modified for Private Use

The aircraft from the Boeing company initially had a seating capacity of 180 individuals. To meet the corporation’s needs, it was reconfigured to seat just 50. While details of the renovation have been kept secret by the co-founders, it was revealed that Leslie Jennings was commissioned to work on Google’s BoeingJet. Jennings is a platinum-level aviation designer with experience, including work for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, royalty, and other dignitaries. Unfortunately, the business relationship between Jennings and the Google co-founders later dissolved, leading to litigation.

Fashion Executives Fly Private

Suppose you’re a fashion lover or like to live like a fashion designer with the best flight charter companies. You may wish to indulge in a Gulfstream G650 like the designer Ralph Lauren. This “small” jet accommodates 11-18 passengers and is known for its speed. $65 million is a reasonable price for the fashion mogul, reportedly worth $7.1 billion.

Fly Private on a G650

Flying the farthest and longest distance in its class, this powerful jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines. It flies close to the speed of sound and soars high above inclement weather and air traffic. This jet usually has a hefty waitlist, so you can buy one second-hand or enjoy chartering one through JetOptions.

Fly using only the best jet charter companies—book with JetOptions Private Jets. Call JetOptions or email our aviation professionals for your next charter flight booking.

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