Westwind II Jet Exterior


8-10 Passengers

323 Baggage Capacity

487 Airspeed

2,400 Range

4.10 Cabin Width

4.3 Cabin Height

15.6 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Westwind II

The Westwind II light jet seats eight to ten passengers. The baggage compartment holds up to eight average size bags. Production ended in 1987; however, the Westwind has found a corner in the aeromedical jets business due to the low door and spacious cabin. These features expedite patient loading and unloading from the jet.

Westwind II Specifications

The more critical element of the Westwinds is its price and flight ranges. You can buy a mid-1980s model for less than $400,000. Many models have added auxiliary fuel tanks that can increase the range to 2,900 nautical miles. That makes the Westwind the only light jet that can fly the Atlantic or across the U.S. without a fuel stop.

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