Legacy 650 Jet Exterior
Legacy 650 Jet Interior


10-14 Passengers

286 Baggage Capacity

528 Airspeed

4,237 Range

6.9 Cabin Width

6.0 Cabin Height

49.8 Cabin Length

Full Lavatory Style

Charter Legacy 650

One of our most popular private jet charters, the Embraer Legacy 650, is a heavy jet with long-range capabilities. This leading choice for your corporate jet charter seats 13 passengers in typical configuration but can be reconfigured to comfortably seat up to 12-15 passengers. The stand-up height is an ample 6 feet in the cabin, and your bags are in hand with a fully accessible compartment.

Embraer Legacy 650 Private Jet Charter

As a luxury private jet charter, the Legacy 650 has a spacious and fully equipped galley with a touch screen monitor for master control of cabin systems. The corporate jet charter has a full-width lavatory with ample closet space, so you can be sure that your passengers are comfortable. Embraer introduced the Legacy 650 in 2009, with flight certifications following in Europe and the United States in 2010. The list price for a new Embraer Legacy 650 in 2016 is $43.15 million.

Legacy 650 Specifications

This business jet charter has a range of 4,237 nm and can fly nonstop from London to New York. The Embraer Legacy boasts an airspeed of 528 miles per hour and a baggage capacity of 286 cubic feet. This Legacy has all the comforts you expect from a heavy class corporate charter. There is plenty of space and the flight range to cross the oceans or states.

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