Legacy 500 Jet Exterior
Legacy 500 Jet Interior


8 Passengers

155 Baggage Capacity

536 Airspeed

3,095 Range

6.8 Cabin Width

6.0 Cabin Height

27.5 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Legacy 500

Many travelers who value luxury, technology, and performance choose to charter Embraer Legacy 500 private jets. As a Super Midsize Jet, the Legacy 500 was designed to lead its category with advanced features and impressive capabilities. With two Honeywell turbofans producing up to 7,036 foot-pounds of thrust each, this aircraft prioritizes fuel efficiency and sustainable operations. Aerodynamic improvements, such as winglets, further enhance performance by reducing drag.

The cabin design of the Legacy 500 exceeds industry standards and offers spacious seating, adjustable ergonomic chairs, and ample room to relax and enjoy the flight. This highly advanced and flexible aircraft is a top choice for discerning travelers.

Embraer Legacy 500 Private Jet Charter

The Legacy 500 stands out as an excellent option in its class, offering vast cabin space, impressive runway performance, and a U.S. coast-to-coast range for up to 10 passengers. The seats on the Embraer Legacy 500 give passengers the option to sit upright or recline, ensuring a more comfortable view. These upgrades provide passengers with a more pleasant, cozy, and enjoyable flying experience.

The cabin of the Legacy is both stylish and user-friendly. It boasts leather-upholstered seats with the brand’s distinctive logo embossed on the upholstery and the cabin walls. The floor is also covered in soft carpeting that feels pleasant underfoot.

Legacy 500 Specifications

The 500 is the only plane in its category to provide full fly-by-wire controls, or “fly-by” technology, nearly completely remote flight controls. The Embraer Legacy 500 can reduce pilot workload with its new cabin styling and ergonomics while improving safety, functionality, and maneuverability.

  • The Embraer Legacy 500 has a high-speed cruise of Mach 0.82, excellent runway performance, and a U.S. coast-to-coast range for eight (2,800 nm).
  • It comfortably seats between eight to ten passengers (typically eight).

The Legacy’s airflow and control position is ergonomic, allowing optimal comfort and efficiency even during long flights. The redesigned cockpit offers a more comfortable viewing of real-time displays and instruments, such as the digital weather radar and engine instruments. The design also allows the pilot to stay in place as they move about the cockpit, making it easy to control the aircraft. The controls also have an exact feel that is consistent throughout the flight.

Cabin Interior

The Legacy 500’s typical seating configuration provides space for eight passengers in a fully reclined suite, including four seats that convert into lie-flat beds for overnight journeys. The aircraft also offers luxury amenities such as electrically actuated lumbar support and massage systems on some planes. Additionally, there are heating systems to ensure maximum comfort on board. Passengers can enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky below from strategically positioned windows.

Embraer Legacy Jets

The Embraer Legacy 500 boasts powerful engines that provide unparalleled speed and performance and can fly at a high cruising altitude of 45,000 feet. Additionally, the cabin is designed for peace and quiet so that you can enjoy the serene sound of wings gliding through the sky. JetOptions offers this luxurious jet for charter worldwide, and Embraer Legacy 500 planes are available for charter in the U.S. To obtain a quote for your upcoming flight, contact JetOptions’ charter experts. They will take care of every detail, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy your travel without any hassle or concerns.

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