Learjet 75 Jet Exterior
Learjet 75 Jet Interior


6-8 Passengers

50 Baggage Capacity

558 Airspeed

1,899 Range

5.12 Cabin Width

4.92 Cabin Height

19.75 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Learjet 75

The Bombardier Learjet 75 is a contemporary business jet that accommodates 6 to 8 passengers for light-class travel. With its advanced aerodynamics and upgraded avionics, this jet is considered one of the fastest light jets available. The 75 and 75 Liberty models fall under the category of light-class business aircraft. These latest models from Bombardier are the current productions of the world-renowned fast-flying Learjets. The Bombardier Learjet 75 is a highly coveted business jet globally. The cabin is equipped with top-notch amenities, and its new galley pocket door on both floor plans provides better privacy and a quieter interior.

75 & 75 Liberty

The Learjet 75 and 75 Liberty aircraft are two of the most esteemed light business jets in the market. These jets are known for their Executive Suite, flat cabin floors, and 4G connectivity solutions. They can fly for up to five hours at cruise speed and are double-club configured with a flat floor for maximum comfort and efficiency. Additionally, the aircraft has a complete lavatory and separate baggage storage with enough space to store golf clubs and other items. If you are interested in private jet charters, the Learjet 75 is an excellent choice. Many are available for hire at JetOptions in the USA and Europe.

Bombardier Small-Cabin Business Jet

The Bombardier Aerospace-manufactured Learjet 75 is a light cabin business jet powered by two turbofan engines and boasts an upgraded cabin. This aircraft features a dual-club configuration, plush seats, and a personal touchscreen entertainment system. The Learjet 75 also has a flat cabin floor and a unique pocket door that separates the galley and cockpit, offering passengers complete privacy and minimizing noise levels. Whether you are traveling for business or a family vacation, the Learjet 75 is an ideal choice to meet your needs.

  • Bombardier Learjet 75 has two configurations. The original 75 has interior seating for up to 8 passengers, and the Learjet Liberty 75 edition has seating for 6.

Learjet 75 Specifications

The Bombardier Learjet 75 is a lightweight aircraft that can travel up to 2,186 miles or 1,900 nautical miles with a flying time of up to five hours. It has an impressive cruise speed of 535 mph. The Learjet 75 is equipped with a state-of-the-art integrated Garmin avionics suite, including three touchscreens with high-resolution 14.1-inch displays and 5.7-inch controllers. It also features a multi-pane mode. Further, the Learjet 75 has a more advanced flight system and more efficient engines, with multiple redundancies in the flight control system. Learjet 75 is powered by two Honeywell FADEC-controlled TFE731-40BR and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it is ready for any flight.

Interior Cabin Specs

The Learjet 75 has a spacious flat-floor cabin with a volume of 415 cubic feet. The seats are upholstered in two-tone leather and come with individual USB connectors and touchscreen monitors. You can also enjoy high-speed Internet access and a stowable 20-inch side table. The full lavatory includes baggage storage and a cargo net that can hold up to 150 pounds or 15 cubic feet. In addition, there is a heated, unpressurized external baggage compartment that can accommodate up to 50 cubic feet of luggage, including oversized items such as golf clubs. These jets are designed for quiet and comfortable rides, with advanced avionics systems that ensure an exceptional flight experience.

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The Learjet 75 by Bombardier is a private jet designed for efficiency, equipped with powerful engines that can achieve remarkable speeds. Its climb performance and high-speed cruise capabilities allow you to avoid congestion and reach your destination faster than other light jets. Today, book a charter for the Learjet75 or 75 Liberty at JetOptions Private Jets.