King Air 350

King Air 350 Jet Exterior
King Air 350 Jet Interior


6-10 Passengers

55 Baggage Capacity

315 Airspeed

1,440 Range

4.8 Cabin Width

4.5 Cabin Height

19.2 Cabin Length

Potty Lavatory Style

Charter King Air 350

The Beechcraft Model King Air 350 is a twin-engine turboprop utility aircraft with retractable landing gear and a pressurized cabin. It is produced by the US-based Beech Aircraft Corporation, now known as Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The King Air 350 has seven large circular windows on either side of the cabin, double club seating, stowable worktables, and a built-in refreshment center.

The King Air 350 is an upgraded version of the original King Air 300 series aircraft, featuring advanced avionics and an improved cabin. It has maintained its reputation as one of the most versatile business jets worldwide. It can operate safely from runways shorter than 4,000 feet, even when fully loaded. This makes it an excellent option for short to medium-distance charters.


Chartering a King Air 350 provides a comfortable flying experience with a spacious cabin accommodating up to 10 passengers. The seats are arranged in a double club configuration with retractable work tables between each pair. An active noise control system keeps in-flight noise to a minimum, and large windows allow plenty of natural light for passengers to enjoy the views during the flight.


The King Air 350 has in-flight accessible baggage areas, polarized window shades, and a private lavatory in the aft. The lavatory is equipped with a wood door and a flushable toilet. While the 350 aircraft can seat up to 12 passengers, it is typically used for corporate travel with a nine passenger configuration.

Charter a King Air

The King Air 350 offers excellent seating arrangements. With eight seats arranged in a double club configuration and two additional seats in the luggage area, it can comfortably accommodate up to ten passengers. The seats are large and plush, and there are worktables between each pair. Experience the fun of flying privately, even in a small aircraft. The spacious and luxurious interior space is remarkably roomy, providing VIP passengers with a spacious and luxurious feel.

The cabin of the King Air 350 is known for its exceptional comfort. It has a pressurized cabin with ample head and shoulder room and can even compete with some small private jets in comfort and range. A comfortable and reliable charter that is adaptable to different takeoff and landing requirements. Enjoy your charter travels in style and comfort with the King Air 350.

King Air 350 Specifications

With a maximum certificated service ceiling of 30,000 feet, the King Air 350 has the range to carry large loads on short runways. It can maintain an airspeed of 235 knots at 33,000 feet and a cruise speed of 305 knots at 24,000 feet. Its impressive speed and efficient flexibility make it a valuable asset for passengers and cargo. It can even carry a large load out of short runways. Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-60A engines power the BE-350 on its flight range of 1,440 nautical miles. 

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