King Air 200

King Air 200 Jet Exterior
King Air 200 Jet Interior


8 Passengers

55 Baggage Capacity

289 Airspeed

1,750 Range

4.5 Cabin Width

4.8 Cabin Height

16.7 Cabin Length

Potty Lavatory Style

Charter King Air 200 Turboprop

The King Air 200 is popular in the private charter market due to its twin-turboprop power, comfort, efficiency, and versatility. It is well-suited for both short and mid-range journeys, with the added advantage of accessibility to airports that are not reachable by traditional business jets. The King Air 200 offers superior cargo and passenger capacity compared to light cabin business jets, making it an ideal option for various types of travel, including ski trips and beach holidays. With seating for 8-9 passengers, it has an impressive flight range of up to 1,757 miles.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft with a T-tail design. Textron Hawker Beechcraft manufactures it and is renowned for its innovation, functionality, and style. Since its introduction, more than 1,700 of these planes have been ordered by commercial and civil aviation companies, making it one of the most desirable aircraft in its class.

King Air 200 Private Charters

The King Air is known as a “pilot’s plane,” meaning that it leans toward pilot-friendly navigation and mechanics. But it’s also inviting to passengers: The nearly 17 feet of cabin length houses comfortable leather seats with a height of almost five feet, which will easily accommodate tall passengers.

King Air 200 Specifications

The 200’s twin turboprops are powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 engines, generating a maximum speed of 289 mph with a maximum range of 1,750 nautical miles, making it a highly desirable business jet charter for mid-range flights.

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The King Air 200: A Premier Choice for Turboprop Jet Charters

The Beechcraft 200 series, synonymous with popularity and reliability in aviation, is a top pick for charter, cargo, and utility missions worldwide. The King Air 200, a key member of this series, boasts a spacious cabin that accommodates up to 9 passengers or is adaptable for cargo. Its design focuses on safety and efficiency, making it a go-to for both private and corporate flights. With low operational costs and user-friendly maintenance and flight operations, the King Air 200 is a true aviation staple.

King Air Turboprops

Beechcraft’s King Air 200 is a top-of-the-line aircraft that meets the highest standards in private and business aviation. It boasts exceptional specifications and amenities, and the cabin is designed for maximum comfort, with enough space for up to 8 passengers, and even cargo. The King Air 200 has a great safety record and has become a popular choice in the aviation industry. The latest models, King Air 250 and King Air 260, are newer versions in the 200 series.

The Super King Air variant is a demonstration of the aircraft’s adaptability and appeal in the aviation sector. It has upgraded avionics and can seat up to 13 passengers in a high-density configuration.  The King Air 200 is a flexible aircraft, perfect for short to mid-range trips. It can land on shorter runways, which opens up more remote destinations. The aircraft provides practical features such as a full-size restroom, an onboard catering station, and a large baggage compartment.

Pilot Controls

The cutting-edge Pro Line Fusion flight deck is a remarkable feature of this aircraft. It boasts a groundbreaking full touchscreen flight display system that enhances the flying experience. It combines top-notch avionics with enhanced payload options, making it a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated, advanced aircraft.

The twin-engine Beechcraft 200 surpasses many small business jets in cargo and passenger capacity and boasts a maximum flight range of up to 1,757 nm. The King Air 200 has also been adapted into several military versions used by various US military branches, including the C-12 Huron and UC-12B models. Enjoy a versatile choice for charter, cargo, and utility operations.