Hawker 900XP Jet Exterior
Hawker 900XP Jet Interior


9 Passengers

49 Baggage Capacity

452 Airspeed

2,733 Range

6 Cabin Width

6 Cabin Height

21.30 Cabin Length

Enclosed Lavatory Style

Charter Hawker 900XP

This jet is perfect for mid-sized groups as it can accommodate up to 9 passengers. The cabin provides 49.5 cubic feet of heated and pressurized storage. The Hawker 900XP boasts a spacious six-foot by six-foot cabin with ample room for passengers to move around. It is an ideal choice for corporate jet charters. The upgraded Honeywell TFE731 engines provide increased thrust and durability, giving the 900XP an extended maximum flight range. This allows the jet to fly coast-to-coast, even when facing headwinds.

The cabin of the 900XP, like its sister aircraft the 850XP, can accommodate up to eight passengers in a comfortable and spacious environment. Natural light enters the cabin through large windows. There is also a generous private aft lavatory available for passengers during flights and a galley for food and beverage during a journey.

Hawker 900XP Specifications

Looking for a top-notch business jet for charter? The Hawker 900XP is an ideal choice, with a range of 2,800 nautical miles and room for up to 9 passengers and their luggage. This premium mid-sized jet boasts 49.5 cubic feet of heated and pressured in-cabin storage, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure. With a full six-foot by six-foot cabin and a wide cross-section, the Hawker 900XP is perfect for any corporate jet charter. Plus, it has the ability to land on unimproved runways and comes equipped with plenty of cabin amenities, including an Iridium Satellite system and the Airshow Cabin Management System.

Hawker Corporate Jet Charters

The Hawker 900XP is a luxurious business jet charter aircraft that offers passengers spacious features and an enclosed lavatory for comfort and convenience. In the rear cabin, an optional berthable divan can accommodate two passengers for sleeping. The aircraft also provides high-end amenities such as touchscreen seat controls and an onboard entertainment system to enhance the passengers’ experience during the journey. Business travelers will find it convenient to connect to Wi-Fi for work-related updates while in flight, and the quiet cabin conditions will make their travel experience more relaxing and productive.

You can book the Hawker 900XP, an excellent choice for your travel needs, through JetOptions.

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