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Hawker 850XP

Charter a Hawker 850XP Jet from JetOptions
Charter a Hawker 850XP Jet from JetOptions
Passenger Capacity 8
Airspeed (mph) 461
Range 2733
Baggage Capacity 49 cu. ft.
Cabin Width 6
Cabin Height 5.8
Cabin Length 21.3
Lavatory Style Full
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Top Private Jet Charter

The midsize jet Hawker 850XP is a leading corporate jet charter. This premium business jet charter is enhanced with a new interior, upgraded engine and improved aerodynamics. This private jet charter is able to accommodate up to eight passengers and two crew members in a spacious 604 cubic foot cabin, fitted with stand-up headroom, LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, fully-breathable seats and plenty of in-cabin storage.

Premier Corporate Jet Charter

The Hawker 850 XP is a popular choice for business jet charters across the country. This private jet charter is manufactured by Hawker Beechcraft and is the newest remodel of its counterpart, the Hawker 800XP. With new winglets that reduce drag, the Hawker 850XP climbs faster and can travel further than its predecessor.

Luxury Business Jet Charter

This exceptional private jet charter offers an airspeed of 461 miles per hour and a flight range of 2,733. The corporate jet charter has a baggage capacity of 49 cubic feet, a cabin width of 6, cabin height of 5.8, cabin length of 21.3 and a full style lavatory all for the comfort and convenience of its elite passengers. You can charter the Hawker 850XP, a superior business jet charter, from JetOptions.

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